Interior design firms are turning to wide format eco-solvent ink and latex printers to differentiate themselves from competitors and enhance print and artwork creativity. These cutting edge printers allow anyone to quickly print on a range of materials including wallpaper, curtains, upholstery, and plastics. Wide format printers give interior design firms the option to decorate spaces in new and exciting ways, adding value, creativity, and artistic appeal for clients.

Interior design printers are a relatively new technology, meaning there are few options on the market, and most are from a small range of brands. As the technology matures, more options will reach the market, but its relative new state of introduction means that design firms adopting it now will be ahead of the curve, and able to offer more to customers and consumers alike.

Epson SureColor at Rolls Royce Derby Headquarters

The Epson SureColor SC-S70600 is a third generation wide-format printer ideal for design. The printer is the first on the market to support both white and metallic inks simultaneously, making it a perfect choice for Rolls Royce to customize their Derby Facility. Architectural and Interior Design Practice tp bennet chose the 10-color, 64-inch SureColor SC-S70600 to design custom interiors including wallpaper and glass graphics.

The graphics were printed on clear vinyl and wallpaper at Ltd. Limited in London. The SureColor allowed Ltd to create a high-quality result using a single printer, where before the specific model, they would have had to use several printers to create the same effects.

“Before every project, especially when new technology is being used, there are questions such as: What’s the quality? What’s the production time? How will it look? The SureColor SC-S70600 is particularly good at delivering on all of these. It enables us to print really good quality and smooth metallic and white gradients, and mixtures of both – effects we couldn’t achieve before. We were given very strict directions on what was required. It was a challenging project including a 15m area featuring a continuous graphic which had to match exactly. Every drop we hang, every piece of manifestation we put up, has to surpass the expectations of everyone involved. We are very proud of the results and I’m glad to say that Rolls-Royce and tp bennett loved what we did.” – Seymour Reeves, Director, Ltd Limited

Karim Rashid uses HP Latex Print 260

Karim Rashid is one of the world’s most famous industrial designers, renowned for his use of color, shape, and pattern. He’s relied on HP latex printers since their introduction, but decided to purchase the HP Latex Print 260 for his own studio. With stated reasoning including the printer’s ability to print unattended overnight to help make tight deadlines, a wide-variety of color and material formats, and odor-free printing for immediate turnaround.

The Latex Print 260 met needs for both quick-turnaround of concept art and prints as well as printing on multiple substrates including wallpaper, vinyl, upholstery, and fabrics, allowing the team to quickly create and realize nearly any design. Working double-duty as both a showcase creator and an easier way to quickly realize completely custom prints for wallpaper, furniture, flooring, and even glass, the printer offers new and exciting ways to design for interiors.

“We’ve printed carpets, bath mats, bathrobes, graphics and wallpaper. For one client, we showed models on furniture we’d designed in dresses made of Tyvek that we’d designed and printed using our HP Latex printer. I love its immediacy: we can print a design and see it very quickly and then evaluate the design and make adjustments and print it again. This saves a lot of time and helps us keep our focus on the work.” – Karim Rashid

HPs Latex Printers lead the market, with print widths up to 126 inches, print and cut solutions, and rigid printers. While, by far, not the only option on the market, these printers offer innovative solutions like white latex ink, cooler latex printing, and the ability to print at night unsupervised to reduce time between results.

Organizations like HP, Epson, Canon, Mimaki, Roland, and more offer a wide variety of printers perfect for interior design firms. Many print in widths up to 3 meters, print on even rigid surfaces such as flooring, and enable designers to quickly realize even the most specific and custom of prints. And, with both ink and latex print solutions available, designers can choose solutions that meet needs for heat transference, vinyl application, and even power or speed printing.

Depending on your supplier, you will likely have a choice of several options, including both latex and eco-solvent printers. Both offer advantages and disadvantages, but as most different suppliers use different technologies (for example, Canon uses UV-curing gel while Roland uses standard eco-solvent ink), every option is likely different in some way. For this reason, it’s best to review options, match them to your needs and priorities, and choose accordingly.