When it comes to finding a managed print services (MPS) provider, you’d be hard-pressed to find a business who doesn’t want to work with a top-rated brand. In the Philippines, you can find some top global MPS providers with a variety of offerings and solutions to best meet your company’s needs.

MPS is the active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes… but what does that really mean? Aside from the When it comes to an MPS provider, you’re looking to find a solution that aligns with your company’s values and goals, can streamline your business processes, and drive increased efficiency to help your business grow.

Whether you’re looking to update or upgrade your in-house equipment, lower overall print costs, or move towards high-tech solutions for your company’s print needs, selecting the right MPS partner can have a profound impact on your bottom line, both financially and in terms of output and productivity. From the small business to the enterprise corporation, these leaders in MPS solutions can create a plan best-suited to your company’s unique needs.

Epson EasyCare360

A global leader in printing technologies, Epson launched its enterprise printing solution in late 2018. The EasyCare360 is an all-in-one solution installed in Epson printers that enables hassle-free print management. This is accomplished by monitoring the unit status and taking care of consumables like paper, toner, and ink, spare parts, repair, and maintenance services. With a monthly subscription service purchased separately from Epson WorkForce Pro printers, the subscription offers a pay per click model for each printer. This means customers pay only for the total number of pages printed each month, allowing businesses to save money by controlling printing costs.

Epson’s EasyCare360 also minimizes machine downtime through premium, on-call technical services to make sure printing equipment and operations are always up and running. The premium service is made up of a dedicated team of technical support personnel promising a two-hour response time for solving on-site issues.


Another global name, Pharos is trusted by Fortune 500 companies to make their office printing more secure, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Like their competitors, Pharos offers their own print management software, Blueprint. Blueprint is a scalable solution that works within the corporate firewall to silently discover and track every device employees print to, capturing print activity at the user level in any print environment. Blueprint also makes network printer management easier for employees, allowing them to submit print jobs to a secure queue and then use their access cards or login credentials to authenticate at a preferred printer to collect their documents. This workflow improves confidentiality, convenience and information security while also reducing waste, reprints, and resource costs.

In addition, the Pharos team can help customers through implementation of the MPS plan and provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure equipment is never down.

In addition to their corporate clients, Pharos is known for its MPS work for universities, libraries, healthcare organizations, and government bodies across the world. In one instance alone, Pharos saved has its client – Banner Health (Phoenix, AZ) – more than $16M USD.

HP Managed Print Services

Perhaps one of the most recognizable names in print, HP is widely considered an industry leader in print solutions. The HP Managed Print Services strategy is based on a three-pronged approach to optimize infrastructure, manage the environment, and improve workflow. Their service can help organizations reduce print-related energy expenditure by up to 40%, lowering imaging and printing costs by as much as 30%, and cutting paper waste by a quarter – or more.

Further, HP has been working to reduce the amount of materials used to manufacture its printers and phase out substances of concern in their products to address the potential impact they may have on the environment and businesses.


If the term “Xerox machine” takes you on a trip down memory lane, it’s for good reason: Xerox has been around for years and its longevity and reputation were well-earned. Although it’s not exactly a verb (no, you can’t go Xerox those documents), you can rely on their robust MPS to support your business through digitization and optimized print infrastructure.

Intelligent Workplace Services goes a step beyond the traditional MPS model to deliver Xerox’s world-class portfolio of analytics, cloud-based services, and digitization, while their ConnectKey technologies design more efficient work environments. Through the Xerox MPS model, employees are empowered to become more productively through the use of apps, paper documents turn into digital content, and office print infrastructure is optimized for maximum up-time, efficiency, and security.

Who to choose

If you’ve made it through the list and find yourself wondering, “Which company is best for my needs?” make sure you evaluate your company’s internal and external needs, short- and long-term goals, and understand how each MPS provider can fit into your business naturally.

The best MPS companies in the Philippines can help you hit your sustainability goals, lower costs, optimize equipment, and improve workflow and processes.

Although the world is racing towards greater digitization in business, the importance of print remains a vital element in business communication across the Philippines and the world. The above mentioned print services providers can help marry the advances in digital technologies with the traditional need for print in business.