Many businesses can benefit from Managed Print Services (MPS). The details of the services can vary widely across providers, but they all accomplish the same goal – to manage an office’s printing needs, increase efficiency, and reduce cost.

Corporations, SMBs, and any workplace where printing is a necessity for day-to-day operations will qualify as a candidate for MPS. These printing services help you gain control over more than just your printers and documents. Managed Print Services are systems that give you access to key insights about exactly what you print, how much you print, and the supplies and costs associated with those print jobs.

These services allow you to gain a clear understanding of how to manage your printing so you increase overall efficiency, reduce cost and waste, and retain complete control over your documents.

From printer maintenance to automation and document analytics, Managed Print Services enable managers to learn more about their systems so they can improve each step and create an environmentally conscious, highly productive, secure output for each and every document.

Can Managed Print Services Help My Business?

Your workplace is unique, and so are your printing needs. The right MPS can help your business’s printing processes function at a higher level. This is done by first analyzing your office’s specific needs, then by implementing a step-by-step solution to optimize efficiency, streamline cost, and reduce waste.

Gain Clarity, Increase Productivity & Control Cost

How much do we really print? Is it a business requirement? Do we need to print this often? These are questions that will be asked and answered when you choose to implement Managed Print Services into your operations.

In a nutshell, MPS will help your business accomplish the following:

  • Analyze, track & control all printing across entire business. Learn what you have to print as a business necessity and locate where excess print jobs are occurring so you can implement controls to avoid printing anything that’s not an absolute necessity.
  • Reduce waste. When you print only what the business needs, you are able to take control over your documents and cut down on waste. MPS enables you to reduce accidental print jobs and reprints, which is more environmentally conscious and green for today’s world.
  • Cut costs. Ink, toner, paper, and printer maintenance all adds up fast. Find out which expenses are the highest, and track opportunities for improvement to cut down on costs. It all starts with determining your total cost of ownership.
  • Lower overall business expenses. Regardless of provider, Managed Print Services should help you streamline printer maintenance and supply needs so you can operate at a higher level while lowering overall costs.

How Do I Use Managed Print Services?

Through the use of technology and information about your business, Managed Print Services will help you automate your business’s processes, making it easier for users to accomplish even the most complicated and demanding multi-step print job and simplifying tasks down to the click of a button.

This will save you and your employees valuable time and energy, all while cutting down on overall business costs.

Gather Data, Analyze Metrics & Implement a Solution

Managed Print Services give you the crucial insight you need into your business’s printing needs and habits. Once you have a solid foundation of understanding into these functions, MPS enables you to implement a solution that fits your unique needs and habits.

Here’s a 5-step breakdown of how to use Managed Print Services:

  1. Implement analytics tools. Before you can change anything for the better, first you must have a clear understanding of what your processes look like, inside and out. MPS helps you track every job you print so you can begin to see the bigger picture.
  2. Get data on current operating environment. Once you have implemented the right analytics tools to measure your business’s unique processes, you will then have access to a world of data about how your employees print, how your printers function, and so much more.
  3. Analyze printing metrics. Now that you have this valuable data, you can analyze it to gain new insights into the best areas for improvement as well as identify areas of waste and inefficiency.
  4. Gain understanding of total cost of ownership. The real cost of printing is often more than just the sum of all parts. Managed Print Services will give you a clear picture of exactly how much it costs to own and operate your devices.
  5. Design and implement solution to optimize efficiency and reduce cost. This is where things really start to happen. Once the data has been gathered and analyzed, MPS helps you create a solution that is designed specifically to fit your business’s unique needs.

What works for one business might not work for another. Managed Print Services are not a ‘one size fits all’ product. They are, however, a solution to a growing problem in our modern world – how do we become more efficient while reducing cost and waste?

Make Your Business Smarter & Greener with MPS

Even as some parts of the business world move increasingly toward becoming digital, there are certain sectors where printing documents is still a hefty necessity and unlikely to change anytime soon. With more green initiatives coming into play globally, it’s more important than ever for those who must print as a part of their regular business practice to do so with efficiency, knowledge and care.

Managed Print Services can connect the dots in your printing operations to render a full picture for you and your team. With such clear visibility into your processes, you’ll see your way to increased savings, waste reduction, and a more connected printing experience overall.

It’s not just about saving the trees by reducing your paper consumption and reducing waste by eliminating excess print jobs – save your wallet in the process with smarter printing processes overall.