As a business owner, chances are most of your energy is spent identifying ways to grow your business. Managed Print Services (MPS) are an increasingly popular way for businesses to reduce print costs while maintaining high quality, but they can also be a great tool to help you grow. How? Let’s explore.

Helping you budget better

An MPS provider will work with you to examine the actual print needs of your business and identify the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your business needs. Then, your MPS provider will offer you a range of options including color or mono- printing, photocopying, and other services – each with clear pricing upfront to allow you to make the best possible decisions for your business.

Since your MPS provider should also be able to supply and install any equipment for you, you’ll be able to receive lower prices on machines from some of the biggest brands in the business. And, because supply and fitting are included in the monthly cost of most MPS contracts, you’ll avoid the need to find large amounts of capital to set up your printing operation as well as mitigating the risks associated with owning high-value assets.

Whether you’re a young growing business or a more established enterprise looking to expand, the opportunity to spread the capital costs of print equipment, software, installation, and maintenance over a period of time will help you free up funding for other projects.

Boosting your sustainability

While sustainability is most often viewed as being entirely eco-driven, the truth is sustainability is as important for your business’s health as to the planet.

A good MPS provider will audit your business’ print process health by:

  • Assessing your print material usage and waste
  • Assessing hardware energy efficiency
  • Understanding your actual print needs

These assessments will give you greater insight into how you can reduce waste financially but also reduce print product usage. If your print equipment is eating up energy quicker than you can say “efficiency,” it might be time to look at upgrading to a more energy efficient model. Or perhaps you have separate printers and copiers, so an all-in-one solution would help free up space and cut your toner and ink requirements down!

Providing access to innovative software solutions

Sure, having best-in-class equipment is pretty cool, but your MPS provider should also be able to introduce you to some of the most innovative software solutions, too. These options can include things like cloud print solutions and print queuing to ensure your team can print any time, anywhere.

Queuing can be especially useful in helping you reduce costs and free up cash for growth projects as it ensures that users only print essential documents by requiring the user to get up and go to the printer to physically trigger the print process. A solution like this will also help reduce your paper and energy expenditure, which can significantly improve your company’s environmental impact.

Giving you maintenance, monitoring, and support at your fingertips

Throughout the course of your MPS contract, your provider should offer a full range of monitoring, maintenance, support, and training services as part of their service to your business.

Dashboard monitoring systems will provide an overview of the health and status of your print systems, allowing you to quickly identify problems or money-grabbers. Since this monitoring system is also accessible to your MPS team, they can remotely troubleshoot, saving you the stress and hassle of waiting for a service engineer to visit while also reducing machine downtime.

When your printer equipment needs servicing, your MPS provider will send out a technician or arrange for regular visits to service, maintain, and upgrade hardware as needed.

Serving up valuable time

It might seem unlikely, but MPS can save your team a lot of wasted time (and save your office a lot of wasted space!) by evaluating the location of print equipment as well as the process or workflow associated with printing.

If that’s not enough, consider this: An MPS provider can provide training to your entire team but also take over the IT-related troubleshooting associated with your print processes. This means your IT department is freed up to spend their time on more pressing projects versus getting the printer to print double-sided.

As mentioned above, with regular maintenance arrangements and remote troubleshooting, you’ll also earn back potential lost time to equipment downtimes that arise when equipment isn’t serviced regularly.


Virtually every business will experience a shift in needs over time, and this is especially true of the growing business. Your MPS provider will be along this path with you, scaling your solutions to match your needs over time. Perhaps as you grow, your print output will increase, or maybe you just need more machines – whatever change you encounter, your MPS will assess your needs regularly over time to ensure you always have what you need to be successful.