Managed Print Services (MPS) are largely touted as offering huge benefits to the organizations that adopt them, especially in terms of reduced costs, improved efficiency, and a lower carbon footprint. But, while these benefits can be very real, MPS also offers benefits to the people directly impacted by changing print services – your employees.

While the exact impact of MPS will depend on your existing print network and setup, most offices see dramatic changes in efficiency, printer supply, hardware suitability, and software quality after adopting managed print services. Your employees will likely love managed print services, and for the following reasons.

Reduced Printer Downtime

Most organizations install printers as something of a secondary function, a necessary evil. Most printers are also installed over time, sometimes through contracts with multiple lease companies, sometimes purchased piecemeal here and there, and sometimes a combination of the two. The result is that most offices have a variety of aging printers with either no or an external contract. If something goes wrong, they have to call IT, source external repair, and wait for an appointment.

An MPS will replace old hardware with newer, more reliable hardware, will provide a dedicated repair line, and will handle repairs internally. Rather than having to source repairs through an external contractor each time, you can simply submit a request and have it handled as quickly as possible, reducing the total printer downtime. In addition, with everything on one system, your MPS vendor will be able to see which printers you have, what’s likely to be wrong with them, and therefore fix the issue much more quickly.

Lowered Demand on IT Staff

A Xerox-sponsored white paper suggests that installing an MPS will reduce IT calls by 14-30%. This is important considering between 30 and 40% of all helpdesk calls are print-related and reducing those calls could dramatically save your organization money.

Most IT teams view print as a necessary evil, something they manage despite mostly not being expressly experts in it. Freeing IT up for more value-added tasks adds value to your business, while reducing the need to contact IT about something they are largely powerless to fix in case the problem is hardware related. This will reduce frustration, improve the speed of service, and likely improve the quality of service.

No More Running Out of Supplies

A managed print service vendor will create a supply schedule based on your needs and print demands, providing supplies are part of your contract. This will greatly reduce the inconvenience of running out of printer or toner.

Your employees will greatly benefit for several reasons, including that they no longer have to expressly manage printer supply levels themselves, they aren’t in charge of submitting orders or physically picking up supplies, and they likely don’t have to do anything but call a helpline if they are out of toner or paper.

Online Management

Managed print services include online print and printer management, allowing individuals to connect to their printer from anywhere in the organization. While secure printers won’t also print automatically, this does mean you can queue up a printer and have everything ready once you get there, which will reduce time expenditure. Online queueing allows employees to simply set up a print queue, print it out from the printer, and avoid having to go back and forth to the printer. If backup copies are needed, they can simply be printed from the queue.

Managers also benefit from user access management, tracking who is printing what, and the ability to manage how much individuals are printing each day or each week.

Reduced Cost

MPS can reduce costs significantly, although how much depends on your existing setup, print management, and online software. However, this can amount to a significant value, especially when teams are paying for print services out of their own budget. Employees will have more room to print to their needs, with reduced costs so that they aren’t paying for inefficient hardware or software as part of their budget.

Freeing up print budget also means your organization is free to invest that elsewhere, such as in offering better tooling in other areas, which will benefit individual employees as well.

Tools and Hardware that Match Team Needs

An MPS assessment typically includes assessing the needs of individual teams and departments and supplying to those print needs. This means that a team with light print needs will have relatively small and low-security printers for convenience, while a team with higher security will have pin-code security or access badges, and a graphics team may have the capacity to print large-scale HD banners, pamphlets, or flyers.

Assessing the needs of an individual team and supplying to meet those needs reduces costs across the organization because you don’t have to oversupply everyone and you’re not paying by outsourcing print requirements for one or two teams. It also greatly improves convenience, because teams have what they need with the maximum level of access and simplicity within those needs.

Better Print Efficiency

Managed print services mean that everything is tailored to your organization, optimized for efficiency, and on one network. Most MPS will provide ongoing optimization as you use your network, making changes so that it becomes more efficient. This will reduce costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and typically make print easier and more convenient for individuals. Many MPS vendors approach print efficiency from an angle of improving work productivity by reducing bottlenecks and print inefficiencies such as jams, supply issues, maintenance issues, or faulty software or server conditions. This will reduce day-to-day frustrations and improve the quality of the workplace and available tooling.

Managed print services offer a lot of benefits to most organizations. More importantly, MPS offers benefits to individual employees and teams, who benefit from having fewer responsibilities, less hassle, and more efficient service. If individuals on your teams can rely on print to meet their needs, be optimized for their specific usage, and be ready and available when needed, the entire organization will be all the more primed for success. If you’re wondering what MPS can do for you, the best option is to request an assessment, where you can learn about specific solutions for your organization.