Managed print services (MPS) are designed to make your life easier. Especially when your company is growing fast.

When you lease – or buy – printing tech, your team is responsible for everything that happens once the hardware is in your office. You have to buy supplies. Link up the printers to your current system. Maintain them. Troubleshoot any tech issues. Keep track of who’s printing what so that you can reduce waste and increase security. Very quickly, managing your new hardware turns into a lot of extra work – the kind of work that your team doesn’t really have the time (or expertise) to handle.

MPS takes that off your hands, freeing up your team to focus on their roles instead of fixing printing disasters. Like googling for alternative solutions because it’s the last night before a big marketing launch, you need your new brochures printed on recycled cardboard and all your hardware is malfunctioning.

Managed print services prevent disasters from happening by handling all your printing needs. From providing the hardware you need, to fixing and troubleshooting issues as they come up to monitoring how your team use the services, MPS has you covered. Let’s take a look at three reasons this is particularly useful for startups.

1. Using managed print services can bring costs down

Printing is expensive. According to a study by the IDC, even if you choose the most economical printing technologies, the costs can add up to more than 3% of company revenue. For startups, the percentage of spend may be closer to 12%.

Managed Print Services help you increase efficiency and decrease costs. Your vendor runs an initial assessment, designed to identify your hardware and software needs. After getting you set up with the right equipment – and training your team on how to use it – they’ll keep monitoring your needs. This means they’ll replace printers and scanners that aren’t working, identify areas for improvement and – most importantly – keep everything working as efficiently as possible.

Studies have shown that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year most of which ends up as waste or printed in error. That’s almost $400 per employee per year in paper costs. A good MPS can help you to evaluate your business printing needs to curb these costs.

2. Managed Print Services make it easy to scale your printing needs

Maybe you’re running a new marketing campaign and need to print out a lot of flyers so you need to bring in extra hardware for a short time. Maybe your start-up needs a textile printer (or another non-traditional printer) for your next scaling phase. Or you just need to know which departments need extra printing support and which departments aren’t really using the hardware as much as expected.

A good managed print service helps with that. Because everything is controlled through – and recorded on – a central hub, it’s easier to identify inefficiencies and find opportunities. If you need to increase printing needs for a period of time – like a campaign – then reduce them back to normal, MPS can help. If you need to permanen additions, MPS can help so that you can scale easily whenever the time comes by identifying the best way to add new tech based on current use patterns.

3. Save time and help your team focus on what they’re good at

Over 35% of IT helpdesk calls are print related. These calls range from solving connectivity issues to ordering print supplies and fixing deliverability issues. And unlike established companies, you may not have a large IT department dedicated to handling printing issues. Instead, this may fall to tech support or engineering (when larger software issues come up).

Here’s the thing. Your team has other tasks to do. Pulling them away from their duties to handle printing means they have less time to spend on crucial, revenue growing tasks. This leads to a potent mix of opportunity cost, the cost of hours spent and the cost of the equipment itself.

When you use a managed print service, you essentially offload any print related questions to a dedicated team of experts that know your equipment and can answer questions. Instead of assigning someone on printer duty, your MPS can do all that for you, saving your team dozens of hours a month.

The convenience to do the job you’re meant to do

Like all services, the real selling point for MPS is convenience. The convenience to have somebody else handle your document strategy. To train users, install devices and respond to questions.

Managed print services help startups be as efficient as possible. They take on all the tasks that would have been associated with printing and handle them for you so that you can focus on the things that matter.