Running a business is, quite literally, a full-time job. With countless day-to-day functions and issues to manage, offloading functions that don’t need to be managed in-house is just one way to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

For the same reason that many businesses choose to outsource functions such as marketing and media buying, smart businesses rely on the expertise and support of managed print services (MPS) to help them get back to what’s most important to them: growing their business.

What is MPS?

MPS is an external service provider who manages your print needs. This can range from printer hardware, troubleshooting, training, and resource monitoring. When getting started with an MPS provider, you’ll work together to analyze your current printing needs, output, and expenses.

This will give the provider a good idea of what you really need and they can estimate how much hardware you need, install and maintain that hardware, and ensure you always have the right tools and products on-hand.

MPS can also take your printing needs off-site, provide document organization and storage solutions, and train staff on in-house equipment usage – among other things.

Why should I consider MPS?

A great MPS provider won’t just help you save money by helping you identify your actual needs and limiting waste – they’ll help you improve efficiencies, reduce time loss spent on in-house printing, and help you plan for the future of your business by considering your perceived and actual costs.

If you’re actively seeking to create a business case for why to use an MPS, consider the following benefits.

1) Reducing Waste & Improving Environmental Sustainability

If you’ve ever tried to guess the right amount of toner, ink, or paper your office needed and found yourself grossly over-estimating, you know how expensive a mistake it can be. By contrast, you may also find yourself with too few of one item you need which can be equally expensive.

In today’s global climate, many businesses seek to find ways to be more environmentally sustainable. A good MPS can help ensure you have less waste, require fewer deliveries, and support your efforts to decrease your environmental footprint. Your MPS provider should also be able to guide or assist you in recycling hardware or other products in the best way.

2) Expertise

You’re the expert on your business. But, chances are, you trust experts for other services, like marketing, office cleaning solutions, delivery… so why not trust the experts when it comes to your business printing needs?

The experts at your MPS will audit and assess your print needs, equipment, costs, and look for scalable solutions that will help your organization achieve and exceed goals.

3) Cut Print Costs

The most obvious way your MPS can cut print costs is by decreasing the print volume within your organization’s walls. Your MPS will help you reduce your use of paper, toner, and other supplies as well as consolidating your devices to reduce electrical consumption.

With an MPS solution in place, you’ll have insight into your print practices to help you further reduce wasted supplies and time while increasing efficiency.

4) Save Time & Improve Productivity

Printing in-house might seem like a time-saver but it can actually be a huge time suck. Lost time spent traveling to and from the printer seems innocuous enough but repeated trips can impact everyone’s productivity, especially when working on large print jobs.

There are a number of ways that a good MPS provider will help improve productivity while giving your team the gift of time.

  1. Taking printing out-of-house: By removing in-house printing of large jobs, your team is freed up to work on their day-to-day projects and tasks while allowing the print experts to do theirs.
  2. Reducing IT time spent troubleshooting: Again, for out-of-house printing your IT department will be hands-off on print-related issues. However, your MPS can train all staff on printer equipment to make sure they can work your in-house equipment with fewer issues.
  3. Optimizing workflow: Your MPS provider will have a look at your existing workflow and the location of in-house print equipment. Once they’ve assessed your needs, the MPS plan will help you optimize workflow by refreshing and re-establishing processes designed to maximize efficiency. Further, your MPS will help you find the best location for in-house print equipment to allow your team to access the printers when they need them with the least disruption to the rest of the team.

5) Enjoy the Latest Hardware

Who doesn’t love something shiny and new? Since buying new equipment can be costly, many businesses may feel stuck with older hardware and processes. An MPS provider can help you access cost-effective solutions that allow your team to use the newest, most sophisticated hardware and technologies at affordable prices through leasing options and more.

The Bottom Line

When you onboard a managed print services provider, you give your team an easy-to-use, efficient business tool while removing the extra stress and work that might otherwise prevent you from focusing on your business.

Over the past decade, MPS has become more popular among companies ranging from small, family businesses to large, national and international conglomerates. MPS solutions can help you streamline workflow, cut operational costs, and increase productivity by customizing the service to best meet your business needs.