Leveraging the power of Managed Print Services (MPS) can greatly assist your organization by managing all aspects of your print fleet’s operation. This includes not only updating printing and scanning equipment to the most up-to-date, eco-friendly machines but also the re-organization of your company’s printing practices.

In short, MPS can:

  • relieve workload burden on the IT department
  • boost operational productivity with a printing process overhaul
  • reduce printing costs by lowering paper, ink, toner and energy usage
  • offer predictable printing costs for budgeting purposes
  • improve security protocols
  • reduce a company’s carbon footprint

However, understanding how MPS can help your organization is just the first step. The decision to invest in a third-party MPS provider can be more challenging. Therefore, here is an overview of some of the best Managed Print Services brands on offer today to help you take the next step towards choosing the perfect MPS provider.


Canon has consistently remained a familiar name in the printing industry for decades. Not only manufacturing some of the best quality printing and scanning equipment, Canon has also excelled in providing MPS for businesses. Outsourcing the management of your print services will require different steps, including discover, design, implementation, support, and review.

ICT providers like Versatech will carry out an assessment to identify key requirements, and agree on the baseline costs with a business. Next a tailor-made plan is designed for achieving the goals that have been set out for your organisation. Your MPS partners should provide continuous support and printer management.

Finally, in order to ensure high standards, be sure to conduct continual MPS reviews to ensure optimal productivity.


Epson are a household name in printing and continue to hold their spot amongst industry leaders when it comes to developing printer technology. Now, Epson are offering their services to manage your printer fleet.

Technological offering: Focused on developing the next generation of enterprise printing technology, Epson invest heavily in researching and designing the fastest and most efficient commercial printers possible. Their patented PrecisionCore is a high-density print-head which delivers 100 pages per minute on their new WorkForce Enterprise printer.


Another giant in the world of printing, HP aim to help business do more than just print with their Managed Print Services. Their prime focus is on the scalability of their solutions to your business size and needs. They aim to achieve this in a four-step approach – Analyze, Plan, Deploy and Manage.

Analyze: HP first want to understand how your business works, right down to how and why each employee prints. With such minute details scrutinized, HP will be able to identify key areas to optimize.

Plan: In collaboration with you, HP would then develop a plan tailored to your needs. They will maximize investment in existing devices, set performance metrics and reorganize printer configuration and location.

Deploy: The deployment phase involves working to implement the MPS solutions. This is where businesses will see more simplified print practices unrolled, accelerating processes and improving security settings.

Manage: HP will provide regular reporting on fleet performance and analysis. This way, HP can adapt their MPS solutions as your business needs evolve or grow.


Xerox are the only pre-approved MPS supplier used by the United States government. They are drivers of innovation and new technologies, currently owning over twelve-thousand active patents. Their MPS solutions are thorough and in-depth.

Business size: Xerox offers a full spectrum of MPS solutions for any business size. So whether you have a small or medium-sized enterprise or are running a multinational corporation, Xerox can tailor an MPS solution to your specific requirements.

Partnered services: In addition to their own MPS, Xerox also has a global network of certified partners designed to cater to smaller businesses. Using Xerox Partner Print Services, businesses can centralize the management of all printing and scanning devices, regardless of the device manufacturer.

Print security audit: With their specially designed software, Xerox can actively help with the security of your printing fleet by scanning the network and performing automated audits. They will ensure your entire network meets at least the basic level of security standards.

Sustainability goals: Xerox works with companies to achieve sustainability goals by implementing print awareness policies throughout an organisation.


Lexmark MPS takes a comprehensive approach to improving the print architecture of an entire organisation. Their strategy aims to reduce the number of devices in a fleet, lower costs and improve productivity. Lexmark simplify their approach to Managed Print Services into three steps – Infrastructure Optimization, Proactive Management and Streamlined Processes.

Infrastructure Optimization: Assessments will be carried out by Lexmark to discover the ideal placement of a fleet of smart multifunctional machines.

Proactive Management: Lexmark proactively manage your print services, providing visibility, continuity and device control from anywhere in the world. The need for consumables will always be detected to optimize workflow and avoid interruption.

Streamlined Processes: Using their analytical tools, best practices and process management technology, Lexmark create streamlined workflow processes around your printing infrastructure.

The trend seems to be that the best Managed Print Services are provided by the top printer manufacturers in the industry. With their expertise and endless resources at their disposal, it makes sense that these global giants are ideally positioned to offer your organization the best when it comes to MPS solutions.